Nikole Stormo LMT, CA | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Nikole has been a licensed massage therapist since 2011. She graduated from Oregon School of Massage.

“Here at Indigo Wellness Center I treat patients who have had all different types of injury. I specialize in deep tissue, Swedish relaxation massage, and trigger point therapy. I truly enjoy helping others achieve their full body potential through massage. As my patient you can be sure that you will be treated with respect and I will work with you to help you get to your full potential. My goal is to provide massage therapy to alleviate pain, decrease fatigue as well as decrease muscle and joint stiffness. I believe that massage can heal the human body through therapeutic touch, stretching, and relaxation.”


Bill Wolf LMT | Healing Touch Chiropractic

In my life, I’ve been a carpenter, a janitor, and a programmer. I’ve flipped houses, been a realtor and umpired high school fast-pitch softball. I’ve served on the local planning commission, a community policing committee, Salem Electric board of directors and the Keizer Little League board. I’ve worked with my hands and my brain all my life. What I love about massage is that I get to work with both mind and body, and one other thing; my heart.

I trained to become an LMT at Oregon School for Massage. My interests in continuing education classes have been in Neuromuscular Therapy, pregnancy massage and Lomi-Lomi. I am certified to perform inter-oral work for TMJ dysfunction. I have completed an advanced pregnancy massage curriculum and have knowledge of massage techniques, contra-indications, and treatment plans for prenatal and post-natal massage. Besides the Lomi-Lomi massage, I also do hot stone massage and body scrubs.

I love the connection I make when tending to my clients to relieve their pain and stress.  Whether a sports injury, dysfunction from trauma or disease, chronic pain, or prenatal massage; I get strong satisfaction in providing a positive effect in my client’s lives. I love that massage engages my body. I use the strength in my hands to provide firm nurturing touch. I also love that massage is always engaging my mind.  Each client is a new puzzle to solve, uncovering layers from past injuries and life’s stresses and traumas to return to a state of ease.  There are always new techniques to learn, new courses to take to continue to grow in my profession. Most of all I love that massage allows for me to connect with my clients in a way that traditional doctors or even physical therapists cannot. I connect with my client’s energy through my hands, and my heart. These connections with my clients are the passion that drives me forward in my career.

When a client comes to me for a massage, they are treated with respect. I listen to what they need on that day, not just where their pain is but what they need to restore their mind and spirit also. That may be a relaxing massage or it may be deep tissue. In either case, what my clients will notice is my strength, both in my hands and in the techniques, that I bring to the table. They also will notice that I am a student of anatomy and I treat muscles with specificity. I find each muscle and treat its origins and insertions. I follow the belly of the muscle and often will use active stretching techniques to reduce its tone. I have been trained in Lomi-Lomi, which is a relaxing Hawaiian massage that uses your forearms to deliver long flowing strokes. Even in my therapeutic medical massage, I often sprinkle a lot of Lomi into the session for its ability to calm the body’s sympathetic system.

As a therapist and healer, I support clients from all races, religions, countries of origin, sexual orientation and gender. All are welcome.


Kristel Wonderly LMT

***Injury recovery– such as Motor Vehicle Accident injury. A variety of techniques and some exercises may be involved.
***Therapeutic massage– this works well for strains, sports injury, sports training, and chronic pain (such as old injuries, fibromyalgia, chronic headaches) and includes deep tissue.
***Relaxation–often thought of as “Swedish Massage”, I utilize more than just Swedish techniques, and I have quite a bit of Spa experience which I can emphasize for Relaxation massage.
***Foot Reflexology–this can address different health issues, even fatigue, anxiety, water retention, as well as sore muscles and general relaxation. This treatment is a 30 minute session, focusing on pressure points and areas on just the feet and sometimes ankles.I also work with some insurance. A few techniques I use are: Myofascial Release, PNF, Anatomy Trains, Trigger Point, and Deep Tissue.I love what I do! While I currently do mostly Injury Recovery and Therapeutic Massage, I have many techniques/tools that I bring to the table, and do my best to be adaptable to customize each treatment to your needs. Please call or text me with any questions.


Diane Davidson LMT


Warmest greetings! My name is Diane Davidson, newest LMT at Indigo Wellness Center! I’d like to introduce myself by sharing with everyone why I chose massage therapy for my career and my personal philosophy. I’d also like to acknowledge Indigo Wellness Center for being an integral part of my process. For over three years I have been a dedicated student of yoga. The clarity and balance I receive from my practice does not restrict itself to the time I am on my mat. All aspects of my life have received the benefits of my practice. The literal translation of yoga (from Sanskrit) is “yoke” or “union”. The practice is an acknowledgement that your mind, spirit and body are one. To remain physically healthy we must also be mentally and spiritually healthy. Each of these is connected to the others; they are yoked. It was from this place that I made my decision to attend Oregon School of Massage, where I learned further about myself and my connection to those who strive for inner peace and understanding. I recently graduated and earned my license (LMT #17602). I feel that my massage career is an extension of my yoga practice, a modality that fosters union. All people have an intuitive understanding of what brings health and quality to their spirit, mind and body. When we follow our internal wisdom, we become our own counselors, teachers, doctors and best friends. Meditation and self evaluation are two critical elements that keep us in touch with our intuitive nature. Massage provides a natural opportunity to practice the aforementioned steps. As your massage therapist, I will provide open and honest communication and respect that you’ve come to me with the desire for a successful and fulfilling experience. On your lifelong journey of personal wellness, I am but a humble guide. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion of balance and health through massage with you! I found Indigo Wellness Center in my search for a local yoga studio after moving to Salem three years ago. Ever since it has been like a second home to me: a place of solace, friendship and manifestation. I would like to thank each of my teachers for being a source of inspiration to pursue my career choice. Dr. Zohra Campbell and Tara McGuire have further encouraged my growth by offering me a place on the Indigo team since my massage training began. Continuing my education remains a high priority. I am a student of the Yoga Works teacher training program that Indigo Wellness is currently hosting. It is my honor to be of service to my community at Indigo Wellness Center!


Amy Williams LMT

“After 11 Years  of practicing massage therapy, I can honestly say it has to be one of the best professions around! I absolutely love what I do!  I like to focus on the individual and see what works best for them.
I take some of what I learned from working with a chiropractor and weave that into most of my massage treatments. I enjoy giving deep tissue/therapeutic/injury recovery, relaxation,and prenatal treatments, among others.”

-Payment Options-

No Insurances accepted

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Workers Comp are accepted with referrals


Vicki McLean, LMT

Ioffer the highest quality of care to my clients. I accept insurances and will bill those that cover massage therapy. (Please check with your company to be sure your particular policy covers massage therapy.)  I care about all aspects of your treatment. I customize each treatment to meet your specific needs by incorporating a variety of assessment and treatment techniques that are best suited to you as an individual.

As part of my service, I also may provide you with knowledge of self-administered pain management techniques such as stretching and strengthening exercises and the use of heat or cold therapy, which will help you get the most out of each treatment.  As an avid exercise enthusiast who practiced ballet en pointe, modern dance and jazz dance for years; climbed most major peaks in the Pacific Northwest; slalom water skied; backpacked in the wilderness; hiked and continues to be an active Rescue SCUBA diver, I understand injury of active people and athletes in a personal and unique way.  My experiences help improve my understanding of your body mechanics as a person who likes movement.  In addition, I have studied medical issues such as fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome; plantar fasciitis and other common discomforts and have been very successful in treating them.

-Payment Options-

Variety of insurances accepted

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Workers Comp are accepted with referrals