Massage Options at Indigo

from swedish massage to salt scrubs, we have it all!

Types of Massage

Swedish massage is the foundation for other types of Western massage. It can be slow and gentle or vigorous and deep, depending on the therapists personal style. This is the basic massage that can easily include add-ons such as; deep tissue work and aromatherapy. Most people get a 60 minute Swedish massage but 75 or 90 minutes gives the massage therapist the opportunity to spend extra time in any problem areas.
Goal of treatment is to reduce adhesions and scar tissue formation, improve muscle function, increase joint range of motion/circulation and speed up the healing process. Often used in treating acute injuries from motor vehicle accidents and chronic pain issues. This treatment can often be billed to insurance depending on your carrier. Call for more information! 503-371-1120
Peri-Natal massage supports the unique and rapid changes that pregnancy brings to a womans body. It can help with low back pain, sciatica, edema, swelling and calming the hormonal changes. Peri-natal supports YOU during this life changing experience (before, during and after!)
Myofascial massage therapy focuses on releasing muscular shortness and tightness. There are a number of conditions and symptoms that myofascial release therapy addresses. Fascial membrane is what can limit mobility in the body. Deep stretching lengthens and separates the fascial fibers, preventing/freeing the body from binding and adhesions. Myofascial massage focuses on deep stretching while using firm strokes and sustained pressure to loosen up the tissue in problem areas. Many patients seek myofascial treatment after losing flexibility or function following an injury or if experiencing any chronic pain in the body.
Lomi-Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage. It is also known as the loving hands massage. This name helps to explain its principles – the massage works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, allowing the recipient to relax and give in to the nurturing touch and simply be. A feature of Lomi-Lomi is that different parts of the body may be massaged at the same time, for example one arm or hand may be working on a shoulder and the other hand may be working on the opposite hip. This assists the recipient in totally relaxing as it is impossible or at least extremely difficult for the brain to focus on the two different areas at once. By not working on areas in isolation a deep sense of balance and harmony is achieved. The client on the table is not viewed as someone to be fixed, but a being to be returned to harmony and balance. It is important to remember that the practitioner does not heal but is the facilitator for the healing. Another major difference from other massage is that the you lay directly on the vinyl of the table and not on linen. Rather than being covered completely by a. sheet, you are covered by a sarong leaving most of the body exposed during the massage, while still maintaining your modesty. This makes it a lot easier to perform the underbody and full body strokes without interrupting the flow of the massage.
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Massage Add-ons

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Body Scrubs

Exfoliation is an important part of any skincare regimen. It is effective at unclogging pores, promoting healthy, speedy turnover of skin cells, balancing oil production, purifying the pores of toxins and dirt and smoothing skin tone, creating a radiant, fresh overall look and feel. Both salt and sugar scrubs are different forms of exfoliation—sloughing off dead skin cells to allow the skin underneath to become hydrated and rejuvenated. Combined with pure natural ingredients like lavender, rosemary, orange peels, lemon, ginger and herb blends, these scrubs are invigorating, spirit-lifting experiences. While the natural granules of both sugar and salt make excellent body scrubs, which type to use depends on different skin conditions and characteristics.

Salt scrubs are generally more abrasive because of their sharper edges and, therefore, do a better job at smoothing the rough skin of the body Salt scrubs offer therapeutic, mineralization benefits. Most salt scrubs use sea salts, which are natural purifiers that remove the toxins that block the pores of the skin. It helps the skin breathe easier, promotes better circulation, tightens the skin and improves skin texture. The minerals in the salt help to promote circulation, reduce the inflammatory response, and act as a detoxifying agent and general muscle relaxant. Salt scrubs are particularly good for rougher surfaces of the body, such as the feet and elbows.
Sugar scrubs are gentler than salt scrubs because the granule is round and therefore doesn’t have any ability to “cut” the skin. It’s a far better choice for sensitive skin types and the only choice for the face. Because of the smaller, finer granules, sugar scrubs make a gentle exfoliant that is suitable for next to all skin types and conditions. The glycolic acid content of sugar is another plus, helping to protect skin against harmful toxins. Vital for the maintenance of healthy skin, this acid works to both condition and moisturize.